If you’re new to pickleball, using a wooden paddle is a good choice. 

They’re nothing fancy but are classic, cheap, and let you learn the sport. 

I’ve tested and compared the best wooden pickleball paddles.

I’ve found the Amazin’ Aces wooden pickleball paddle to be the best choice overall. It is lightweight, well-made, and extremely affordable.

But it’s not perfect for everyone, so I’ve added 6 other high-quality wooden paddles. 

In the last part of the article. I’ll explain to you the pros and cons of using a wooden pickleball paddle, and things that you should know when choosing one.

But now let’s take a look at the best wooden pickleball paddles. 

Best wooden pickleball paddles

Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Set

Coming with paddles, balls, and a bag, the Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Set makes you ready to play. It offers incredible value for such a low price. It’s a lightweight paddle in this guide, which produces excellent maneuverability.  This wooden paddle is ideal for beginners looking for the best pickleball starter kit. 

Price: $39.99 for a set of four paddles

Amicoson Pickleball Paddle Set

The Amicoson pickleball paddle offers a responsive and consistent hitting experience. It gives beginners a large error margin. It also has a well-designed grip, which prevents slipping and falling off. If you’re looking for high quality and comfort, start here. 

Price: $35.99 for a set of four paddles

Niupipo Wooden Black&Red Wooden Pickleball Paddles

Niupipo pickleball paddles are known to deliver great value for money, their black and red pickleball paddle is no exception. Although it’s heavier than the first two paddles, it uses a more durable material – bass hardwood. It also comes with an edge guard to protect it from impact damage. The construction material and design make this starter last longer than others. 

Price: $39.99 for a set of four paddles

Franklin Sports Activator Wooden Pickleball Paddles

The Franklin Sports Activator is not a typical wooden pickleball paddle that is made for beginners and recreational players. It is USAPA-approved, meaning that you can bring it to the tournaments. I doubt many of you are using a wooden paddle for tournament play, but for those who are, the Franklin Sports Activator is probably the best option. 

Price: $39.88 for a set of four paddles

Wavsky Pickleball Paddle Set 

Wavsky pickleball paddle set is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun and excitement of pickleball with their friends and family. This set comes with four durable wooden paddles, eight high-performing pickleballs, and a convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage. The paddles are made from maple wood, which provides plenty of power and durability. The handles have a comfortable cushion grip with a safety wrist strap, which ensures a secure and comfortable hold. 

Price: $39.99 for a set of four paddles

Rally Meister Bundle

Rally Meister Bundle comes with two wooden pickleball paddles and four indoor balls. It has a medium weight in this list, which is adaptable for many players. The most outstanding thing about this bundle isn’t its quality or performance, but its customer service. This doesn’t make the pickleball paddle better, but you don’t have to worry about purchasing a broken paddle ignored by the paddle company. The Rally Meister Bundle is ideal for schools, community centers, and families who want to enjoy pickleball together.

Price: $19.99 for a set of two paddles

Diller Wood Paddle

The Diller Wood Paddle is an OG that served as the first paddle of many pickleball players. Unlike the modern wooden pickleball paddles on this list that have a fancy face design, the Diller Wood Paddle face simply is composed of the classic wood surface and their green logo. Although it has a heavier weight in this list that is harder to control, it is still a great choice for groups that want a large amount of paddles for beginners.

Price: $15.99 for one paddle

Are wooden pickleball paddles good

Wooden pickleball paddles are good for beginners who want to try out the sport without spending lots of money. But, they have some disadvantages compared to other materials. They lack spin and power. They are also heavier, which means they are harder to maneuver and less comfortable to use. 

With that said, they are still a great choice for starters because they are cheap, and have a large sweet spot, which reduces mishit and makes them easier to use. 



  • Lacks spin and power
  • Heavier than other materials 
  • Difficult to clean

How Much Do Wooden Pickleball Paddles Cost?

Wooden pickleball paddles generally cost between $12 to $20, depending on the manufacturer and quality. Wooden paddles are the cheapest type of pickleball paddles.

There are ways to further cut down the cost. Wooden paddles usually come in a pickleball set that includes multiple paddles, balls, bags, and a net. It’s cheaper to buy those sets. Also, if you are planning to purchase them in a large quantity, you can always enjoy a discount. 

Wooden pickleball paddles buying guide

There are some features of paddles you should know before buying, including weight, grip, shape, and material.
Read the thorough version of my Pickleball Paddle Guide


Most players use lightweight or middleweight paddles that are in the 7.2 – 8.4 oz range. 

Generally, lighter paddles are better for beginners because they are easier to maneuver and swing. Meanwhile, heavier paddles are capable of generating more powerful shots but are harder to control.

Wooden pickleball paddles usually weigh 9 – 10 oz, which is heavier and more clunky than other materials. 

If you’re a beginner, you might not notice it at all. But if you have had a wrist injury before, go with the lighter wooden paddle like Amazin’ Aces which weighs 8.3 oz, or consider graphite paddles, which is another cheap and excellent choice. 


The face material is the outer layer of the paddle that comes in contact with the ball. It affects the durability, texture, and appearance of the paddle.

Other than wood, graphite is another popular choice for beginners. 

You can learn more about the differences between materials in my Best Pickleball Paddle Material article. 


The grip is probably the most important to improve your playing experience. A grip size that matches you is important and will feel comfortable in your hand. If you don’t know the right grip size, you can check out this article


The shape of the paddle affects the size of the sweet spot, which is the area where the ball makes optimal contact with the paddle. 

A larger sweet spot will give you more consistency and forgiveness for your shots. The standard shape for pickleball paddles is rectangular, but there are also oval, elongated, widebody, and other shapes available.


Many wooden pickleball paddles are not approved by USAPA. I doubt if any of you will want a wooden paddle in a tournament game, but if you do you should check out the Franklin Sports Activator Wooden Pickleball Paddle. 

What’s Next

To recap, the Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Set is my top recommendation because it’s lightweight, affordable, and high-quality. If you want a cheaper option, consider the Amicoson Pickleball Paddles.
If you are new to pickleball, this How to Play Pickleball article can help you learn the sport in 5 minutes. 


Can you play pickleball with a wooden paddle? 

Yes, you can play pickleball with a wooden paddle. It’s a popular choice for beginners who want to learn the sport. However, wooden paddles are usually heavier, less durable, and less responsive than other materials, so they are not recommended for competitive or advanced players.

Are wooden pickleball paddles legal? 

Yes, wooden pickleball paddles are legal, as long as they meet the size, weight, and surface specifications of the USA Pickleball Official Rulebook. Wooden paddles are the original paddles used in the early days of pickleball, and they are still allowed today.

Are wood or fiberglass pickleball paddles better? 

Fiberglass pickleball paddles are generally better than wood ones, as they offer more power, control, and spin. However, wooden paddles are much cheaper and have a larger sweet spot.

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