It’s a common practice for players to add weight to their pickleball paddle. However, it’s hard to measure whether the added weight has a positive or negative effect on playstyle, other than depending on feelings. 

Amateur pickleball player dogrid has developed an innovative web app allowing players to explore how adding weight to a paddle affects playability. After hundreds of measurements, dogrid compiled the data into an interactive tool modeling changes to swing weight, twist weight, and more when weights are added. 

As users note, the granular data provides an unprecedented ability to fine-tune a paddle. Dogrid explains his process: “First, dial in the desired twist weight. The most efficient location to gain twist weight while minimizing swing weight added is the bottom corner.”

The app visualizes this, showing paddle metrics change as virtual weights slide. Helpful hints explain the impact of locations. Dogrid stresses that feeling is key: “What matters most is how it feels in your hand.” However, the knowledge from this app helps quickly hone ideal setups.

@credit dogrid

Some found the data initially confusing. Dogrid clarified that added weight never decreases swing/twist weight, it only increases them. Others suggested concentrating weight in a smaller space at the bottom corner could further optimize twist weight. Dogrid tested this and found diminishing returns – a 5cm chunk was only slightly more efficient than 10cm.

Another discussion centered around paddle balance. Some noted that while swing weight always increases with added weight, balance can shift down significantly when weight is placed low on the paddle. This changes feel, even as swing weight rises. 

Some initially doubted the premise, arguing that added weight below the hand reduces swing weight, like changing hand position on a golf club. But dogrid demonstrated swing weight still increases in this scenario.

With helpful feedback like this, dogrid was able to refine explanations and test new configurations. The collaborative spirit exemplifies the pickleball community. Dogrid invites players to explore the graphs and data on his website to extract every advantage from their gear.

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