Pickleball players, rejoice! Your prayers for a quiet paddle have been answered with the recent release of the OWL pickleball paddle. 

It’s the first paddle certified by USA Pickleball for its new “quiet equipment” category. 

As any diehard pickler knows, a pickleball paddle “pop” sound has become a growing nuisance as the sport’s popularity explodes. Noise complaints have led to park bans, court crackdowns, and arguments between players and their neighbors. 

Enter the OWL paddle, engineered by brand-new company OWL Sport to reduce noise by a whopping 50%. It meets USA Pickleball’s strict standards to qualify as the first sanctioned quiet paddle for recreational play.  

How’d They Do It?

So how did they manage to turn down the volume without sacrificing playability? The key lies in the OWL paddle’s high-tech outer layer called Acoustene. This exclusive polymer dampens vibration and sound.

The result? The OWL emits below 600 hertz and 80 decibels when striking a ball, compared to the 1,100-1,200 hertz and 85+ decibels produced by a standard paddle. Your ears and your neighbors will love you.

Owl Pickleball Paddle – More Benefits

Aside from noise reduction, the OWL brings some other welcome upgrades for players. Its sweet spot is larger than usual, providing extra forgiveness on off-center shots. It also boasts a lightweight, balanced feel to reduce arm and elbow strain. 

Several handle sizes and design options allow players to customize the fit as well. Overall, it’s built for superior maneuverability and all-day play.

Tracy Austin, former world #1 tennis player, has endorsed OWL Sport’s paddles. “The OWL technology is going to save pickleball from its noisy pitfalls,” she stated.  

USA Pickleball Quiet Category for Pickleball Gear

Seeking to address noise issues caused by pickleball’s rising popularity, USA Pickleball has created a “Quiet Category” to recognize equipment that reduces noise during play. 

The Owl pickleball paddles are only the first product they released. 

The category promotes products with 50% less acoustic output than standard gear.

Quiet Category criteria will significantly diminish noise propagation while preserving normal play. USA Pickleball provides manufacturers guidance to create quieter gears.

An incentive program was also launched to motivate brands to make competition-approved quiet gear. Expanding its Facilities Development program, USA Pickleball now offers site evaluations and noise mitigation recommendations too.

Overall, the Quiet Category aims to ease community tensions as pickleball courts proliferate. USA Pickleball plans ongoing investment to support the sustainable growth of pickleball.

What Does This Mean for Pickleball?

The creation of an official “quiet equipment” category by the sport’s governing body marks a major milestone. USA Pickleball made reducing the acoustic impact a priority.

They’re offering grants to incentivize innovation from major manufacturers. 

The goal is for the quiet category to expand beyond recreational play. Quiet requirements for tournament-approved gear are in the works too.

With big brands like Adidas entering pickleball equipment production, they have the resources to engineer advanced sound-reduction technologies into their new product lines.

Widespread adoption of quieter balls especially could be a game-changer, reducing sound at the source regardless of paddle choice.

Ending Noise Wars

As pickleball organizations face pressure to limit pickleball noise pollution, promoting quieter gear should help ease tensions between players and their communities.

Switching gear is a much cheaper way than retrofitting public courts with sound-dampening materials.

The hope is resolving noise complaints will lead to fewer restrictions. It will create more playable spaces to meet demand. Quieter games will also open up more court time in noise-sensitive areas.

So if loud pickleball has been bugging you and your neighbors, consider switching to a quiet paddle for your next upgrade. The OWL is leading the revolution, but more options should follow. Then we can all enjoy the sport we love in peace and harmony!

About Owl Sport

Founded to take on pickleball’s noise problem, Owl Sport is a new paddle startup aiming to provide players with high-quality gear that significantly reduces on-court sound emissions. 

With cutting-edge materials research, Owl is flying into the market as Pickleball’s foremost noise-reduction sporting goods brand. 

It is currently the only company, backed by USA Pickleball’s quiet certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are owl pickleball paddles USAPA Approved? 

No, they are for recreational play only.

Owl pickleball paddle price

The price of the Owl pickleball paddle is $169, with four models available. 

Are Owl pickleball paddles good? 

They are quiet, but their performance requires more testing. Stay tuned for my review and updates on the paddles. You can check out some of the best quiet pickleball paddles available

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