We’ve all faced opponents who seem to have some unfair advantage on the court. But what if you could turn the tables and be the player no one wants to face?

The secret lies in having the right battle gear. And in pickleball, your weapon of choice is the paddle.

Enter the Phantom Trinity pickleball paddle. This new arrival to the paddling scene packs a punch with its blend of power, spin, and control.

In this in-depth review, we’ll dive into the tech behind this paddle’s game-changing performance. We’ll compare it to other top paddles on the market and let you know if the Trinity lives up to the hype.

By the end, you’ll know whether this paddle is the key to unlocking your full potential on the courts. The power could soon be in your hands. But you need to keep reading to discover the secrets of the Phantom Trinity!

Trinity Pickleball Paddle

phantom trinity pickleball paddle


The Phantom Trinity T700 Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is a top-tier paddle that is part of the Advanced Response Series by Phantom Pickleball. It features a balanced construction, a responsive core, a raw carbon fiber surface, and a solid edge guard. Also, it offers a smooth combination of precision power and responsive spin, as well as a soft sweet spot and extended reach.


The price of the Phantom Trinity Pickleball Paddle is $149.99.


  • Excellent drop shots and spin control.
  • Responsive paddle face
  • Tough and durable
  • A soft sweet spot and extended reach.


  • Not very suitable for beginners who need more forgiveness and stability.

Skill Level

Intermediate to advanced

USAPA Approved


Bottom Line

The Phantom Trinity T700 Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is ideal for intermediate to advanced players who need a versatile tool for competitive play.

Phantom Pickleball

Phantom Pickleball is a small business run by a pickleball-loving family.

Their goal is to make paddles that give you power, control, and performance all in one – because who doesn’t want a wicked paddle that helps them kick butt on the court? They use top-notch materials and designs to make paddles that seriously improve your game and are just more fun to play with.

Other than the evil eyes on the paddle face that stare straight into your soul, one thing that makes Phantom stand out is that they sponsor both competitive players AND enthusiastic intermediate players – anyone who loves pickleball. They want to support the whole pickleball community, not just the pros. Pretty cool, right?

Phantom paddles have a special honeycomb core that distributes impact evenly across the surface. This gives you great pop and touch no matter where on the paddle you hit the ball.

The Phantom crew created these paddles to take your play to the next level with awesome performance, innovations, and graphics. And they make sure quality doesn’t come at too high of a cost.


The Phantom Trinity paddle is one of the top choices from Phantom’s Advanced Response series. It has some really cool features that make it stand out:

  • It’s built as one solid piece so it’s super durable and gives you consistent shots. 
  • The core is made up of a special condensed honeycomb material that makes sure the ball’s impact is spread evenly across the paddle. This gives you great pop and control.
  • The surface uses fancy raw carbon fiber that adds tons of spin and helps nail those sneaky drop shots.
  • It has a slim edge guard that keeps the paddle balanced but protects it from dings and scratches.
  • The edge is injected with foam to reduce vibration and soften your shots for better touch and control. 
  • There’s an extra layer of carbon fiber wrapped around the edge for extra toughness. 
  • The Trinity is known for blending power and spin for reliable groundstrokes. The raw carbon surface lets you put some crazy bend on the ball too. It gives you a soft sweet spot and extended reach for really impressive shots.


  • Lightweight: 7.9 – 8.3 oz
  • Height: 16.5”
  • Width: 7.5”
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Grip Length: 5.5”
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25”
  • Surface Area: Raw T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Core: Honeycomb Polypropene


The Trinity Paddle optimizes power, spin, and control to give you a dominant well-rounded game Here is a detailed explanation of how the paddle performs under different criteria:


With its raw carbon fiber surface, you can really pound the ball with speed and force. The honeycomb core spreads out the impact so you get maximum pop off the paddle. Its large hitting surface and elongated shape give you increased leverage and reach to blast serves, drives, smashes, and volleys past your opponent. 


The nitro-infused, highly textured carbon fiber surface lets you put heavy topspin, backspin, and sidespin on shots with minimal effort. You can slice tricky drop shots, chop underspin lobs, and drill groundstrokes with crazy spin to keep your opponent off balance. The foam-filled rim also improves control for spin shots into the kitchen.


The low-profile edge guard reduces weight and improves balance for excellent maneuverability. The carbon fiber wrapped around the rim provides extra stiffness and feel so you can finely tune shot placement and direction. With the Trinity, you’ll have the control and finesse to out-maneuver opponents.


At just 7.8 ounces, the Trinity has a lightweight design that allows quick swings and smooth paddle movement as you react to shots across the court. The comfortable, non-slip grip secures the paddle firmly in your hand as you sprint and change directions.


With its powerful core and spin-generating textured surface, you can serve rockets with heavy spin, making them kick or curve out of your opponent’s reach. The Trinity gives you the power and control for extremely accurate, consistent, and versatile serves.  


The generous sweet spot and elongated head shape let you reach and absorb returns, while the foam-injected rim softens impact and vibration for controlled returns into the kitchen. The Trinity excels at returning shots with finesse.

Phantom Trinity vs Selkirk AMPED S2

The Selkirk AMPED S2 is another top-shelf paddle created by the pickleball pros at Selkirk. It was designed by medal-winning player Tony Tollenaar to have a large sweet spot and a shorter handle. 

The S2 works great for pros but is also an awesome all-around paddle for beginners and tennis players switching to pickleball. It provides nice control and power – a great blend for players wanting power, maneuverability, and touch.

Let’s see how the Trinity and S2 stack up:

Both deliver great pop, but the Trinity’s carbon fiber face might give it a slight edge for adding oomph to your shots. 

For the spin game, again, both can rip great spin, but the Trinity seems to have an advantage thanks to its super textured surface that grips the ball for effortless spin.

The S2 may have a small edge in terms of control since its FiberFlex face is designed to grab the ball.

And it probably has better maneuverability thanks to its lighter weight and shorter handle making it more nimble.

The Trinity likely lasts longer due to its reinforced carbon-wrapped rim for extra toughness.  It lets you serve heat with its powerful core and spin-friendly face.

But the S2’s huge sweet spot and ball-grabbing face give it an advantage in controlling returns.

So in summary, while both are awesome paddles, the Trinity shines for power and spin, while the S2 wins for control and maneuverability. Choose the one that fits your personal style! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Verdict: Phantom Trinity Pickleball Paddle

After testing the Phantom Trinity extensively on the court, it’s clear this paddle packs a serious punch. The carbon fiber face provides sheer power on drives and serves while the textured surface grips the ball for a heavy spin on drops and lobs. The control is impressive too thanks to the balanced feel and padded rim. 

This paddle has it all – power, spin, control, and touch. It’s a true performer that can take your game to the next level. I was able to hit shots with more speed, spin, and placement than ever before.

The Trinity would work well for advanced players looking to add even more firepower to their game. The access to spin and control provides an arsenal of shots to outplay opponents. I could see this being a go-to paddle for competitive pickleball players. 

Intermediate players looking to get more pop and versatility can benefit too. The Trinity gives you room to grow as your skills progress. Just be prepared to put it into practice to master its true potential.

So in summary, the Phantom Trinity delivers on its promises and then some. If you’re ready to supercharge your pickleball game with this weapon of a paddle, you won’t be disappointed. Just get ready for some wide-eyed looks across the net after you unleash its full power!

If you want to learn more about how to choose a pickleball paddle, check out my How to Choose A Paddle article.

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