The Ronbus EV2 is a new and innovative pickleball paddle that is generating a lot of buzz in the pickleball world. As one of the first paddles to utilize an EVA foam core, it offers some unique playing characteristics that really set it apart. In this Ronbus EV2 review, I’ll break down the key features and performance of the paddle to help you decide if this paddle is right for your game.



  • Power
  • Large sweet spot
  • Excellent Touch and Feel


  • Not USAPA Approved


  • $180


  • USAPA Approved: No
  • Paddle Length: 16.5”
  • Face Width: 7.5”
  • Grip Length: 5.5”
  • Grip Circumference: 4.125” Octagon
  • Weight: 8.0oz, +/- 0.2oz
  • Swingweight: 122
  • Paddle Surface: Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Textured
  • Paddle Shape: Standard
  • Core Material: Enhanced EVA
  • Core Thickness: 16mm
  • Edge Guard: Yes


The most notable feature of the Ronbus EV2 is the EVA foam core. EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a soft, flexible foam that is commonly used in the soles of sneakers and other sports gear.

Using an EVA foam core pickleball paddle allows for an extremely soft and comfortable feel on contact. The foam absorbs a lot of the vibrations and shock that can lead to arm pain and tennis elbow.

It’s also very quiet, which helps reduce the noise complaints that pickleball often faces. 

In addition to the EVA foam core, the Ronbus EV2 has a few other unique features:

  • Edgeless design – The paddle face wraps fully over the edge for a seamless hitting surface.
  • Raw carbon fiber face – Has a textured raw carbon fiber face that helps generate spin 
  • 16mm thickness – A medium thickness that offers a nice blend of control and power
  • One-piece construction – No seam in the middle for improved feel and control


The Ronbus EV2 provides a tremendous blend of power, control, and feel thanks to its innovative EVA foam core. It packs serious pop while still offering pinpoint placement finesse. T

The responsive foam face delivers unparalleled touch and buttery sensation on contact. Combined with its forgiveness, maneuverability, and stability, it’s one of the most well-rounded playing paddles out there.

The EV2 effectively demonstrates the performance potential of foam core pickleball paddles. While refinements in power modulation and edge guarding will improve future versions, the paddle exemplifies how EVA foam can enhance playability and enjoyment.

Now let’s break down how the Ronbus EV2 actually plays on the court:


With its EVA foam core, the Ronbus EV2 packs a serious punch.

The ball really rockets off the paddle face with an audible pop. It seems to hold the ball on contact slightly longer, allowing you to take a fuller swing and impart extra power.

The launch angle is flat and penetrating. Drives stay low and skid through the court. 

The extra power from the EVA foam takes some adjustment. Drives can sail deep if you don’t moderate your swing speed. It may take a few games to find the right touch.

You can overpower opponents with well-struck groundstrokes, but controlling the extra pace takes a little practice.


The Ronbus EV2 generates a decent amount of spin. The EVA foam lets the ball sink into the paddle surface, allowing you to “brush” and shape spins more effectively. 

The cross-hatched pattern on the face also helps grip the ball. Slice serves and sidespin flip shots have plenty of rotation. Drop shots bite hard and back up quickly. Overall the spin potential is above average for its design.


The soft EVA foam provides outstanding touch and control on finesse shots. The paddle absorbs pace very well, allowing you to take speed off the ball effectively. Blocking fast drives is effortless.

The paddle face really cradles the ball, making it easy to place precise touch shots.

Dinking, dropping, angling – the control is fantastic. The extra power does require some adjustment on drives to avoid sailing long. But the control is there if you calibrate your swing speed.


Simply put, the Ronbus EV2 provides the best touch and feel of any paddle I’ve used.

The soft EVA foam gives the paddle face an incredibly plush, pillowy feel when contacting the ball. It’s very sensitive and responsive to light touches.

The paddle seems to absorb the ball on contact, providing a terrific “catch” for quick exchanges at the net. The sensation is unlike any composite paddle I’ve tried. The closest comparison would be hitting with a tennis racquet. 


The forgiving qualities of the Ronbus EV2 are off the charts.

The EVA foam absorbs shock extremely well, making off-center hits feel buttery smooth. There’s very little vibration or stinging felt on miss-hits.

The paddle just seems to cushion and cushion the ball regardless of where you make contact. It really reduces arm and elbow fatigue compared to stiff composite paddles.

Forgiveness combined with control gives you the confidence to freely swing away without consequence.

The edgeless design provides a continuous sweet spot. Overall, the paddle frame is agile and rock-solid at impact, complementing the responsive EVA foam face beautifully.


In addition to its stellar playability, the Ronbus EV2 provides great maneuverability and stability thanks to its lightweight 8oz frame and midsize 7.4” width.

The paddle moves through the air smoothly without feeling overly head-heavy or clunky. The one-piece construction gives it excellent balance and feel in hand.


The grip size is a comfortable 4.125” circumference that works well for most hand sizes. The grip texture has a tacky feel that prevents any slippage during play. 

Value for Money

With an MSRP of $180, the Ronbus EV2 sits in an upper price tier for pickleball paddles. However, the performance characteristics and playability seem to justify the higher cost.

The biggest drawback is it lacks USAPA approval – Since it’s a new experimental design, the EV2 currently isn’t regulation-approved for sanctioned tournament play. So it limits the paddle’s versatility.

If you are a recreational player, it really is an exceptional paddle that provides a uniquely enjoyable playing experience. The value comes from radical technology and innovation.

If Ronbus can refine and replicate this high level of performance in future paddles, the price will become more attractive. But for now, the cutting-edge foam core commands a premium price.

Bottom Line

After extensive playtesting, I can confidently say the Ronbus EV2 is one of the most impressive paddles I’ve ever used. It exemplifies how foam core paddle technology can radically change the game of pickleball.

The pure enjoyment I get from hitting with the EV2 is unmatched. It provides a sensation unlike any other paddle on the market. Overall it’s an exceptional combination of power, control, feel, and forgiveness.

I would recommend the Ronbus EV2 to any intermediate or advanced player looking to experience the future of pickleball paddles. It suits technical players who will appreciate the paddle’s nuances.

The incredible touch and control can help refine your short game. And the power gives you an attacking weapon from anywhere on the court.

While it may not be sanctioned for tournament play yet, it’s an absolute joy to play with recreationally. Don’t hesitate to give this paddle a try and feel the difference EVA foam can make.

If you are looking for a USAPA-approved alternative, the Ronbus R3 Nova is a good one to consider.

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